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 From Bleeping Computer: RKill is a program that was developed at BleepingComputer.com that was originally designed for the use in our malware removal guides. It was created so that we could have an easy to use tool that kills known processes that stop the use of our normal anti-malware applications. Its that simple nothing special. Just kill known malware processes so that anti-malware programs can do their job. \ NAlso in summary, RKill just kills processes, imports a Registry file that incorrect file associations and methods fixes that prevent us from using certain tools . Then it kills Explorer.exe so it will restart and enable some of the changes to the registry. When you are done, RKill will then create a protocol that terminates all processes, while the program was running. Please note that this method, which were manually terminated by the user and include RKill. Apart from what is listed above, it does not do anything else. Whats new in this version: Version may include various updates, enhancements, or bug fixes. \ N window.addEvent (\ domready \, function () {\ n $ $ (\ iframe [src * = youtube.com] \). Each (function (iFrame, index) {\ n if (iFrame ! = null) {\ n var src = iFrame.get (\ src \); \ n if (src.contains (\ ? \)) {\ n             src + = \ "& wmode = transparent \"; \ n} else {\ n src + = \ "wmode = transparent \?"; \ n} \ n iFrame.set (\ wmode \, \ "opaque \"); \ n iFrame.set (\ src \, src); \ n} \ n}); \ n}); \ n

  • License : Free
  • Language : English
  • Op. System : Windows XP/Vista/7
  • File Size : 1,84 MB
  • Producer : None
  • Date : 04.02.2014
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